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"Run, Flash, RUN!"

Those were his last conscious words, his whole being as the Speed Force poured from him into his grandfather, giving him everything he had, everything he'd taken from every other speedster, that last push he needed to finish things. Bart knew he was lost, but this would let the world, everything he fought for, his grandfather, win. That was the important thing.

He'd never expected to feel anything. To live. Except...something had happened, and the Speed Force spat him out, all the worse for wear. It looked like Central City, he thought it was, but...he couldn't sense the feel of the Flash, of his grandfather. He would have expected something. Bart was shocked to even exist, but, well, if time had reasserted itself...

No, it had to be more. Wally had been returned when the old-him had sacrificed himself. Sometimes the Speed Force made certain there was a speedster around. To use the power, or be used. Still, he felt like hell. And looked like he'd crawled out of his own grave, if his hands were anything to go by. They were healing, though. Slowly. So he existed, probably. Or his anomaly status wasn't a problem in this place, wherever here was. Whenever here was.

He blurred into motion, feeling the speed coursing through him once more, and it felt like being born again. He just needed to find out what had happened, and what he could do. But first, was that a bank robbery?!
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The only reason Bart was in this situation was because he was early. Tim had called to ask if he'd provide backup for a take-down. It was a rare enough thing that it had Kid Flash feeling antsy and even more hyped up than was normal, and he'd gotten there just a little bit ahead of schedule to see what he could find. What he found out is that superspeed was no defense against Poison Ivy.

She'd cleared out as soon as she captured him, but the damage was pretty much done. At least, he thought it was still the same place, but all he could really see were the vines that were restraining him. And, well, other things. He'd tried struggling, but it just made things so much worse. Losing track of time wasn't the worst part, as he half-hung in the grip of the plants, glassy eyed with all the chemicals coursing through his system, leaving him pliant and receptive to whoever might give him the least relief. Bart wasn't even aware of the fact that she'd even left a note.

I found your pet wandering around without a leash. He's ready for obedience lessons, so be a good girl and keep a tight rein in the future. --Ivy
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The happiest place on Earth, if you asked Bart in a truly candid moment, was anywhere Dick happened to be. However, Disney was becoming a close second. The way the Parks managed to create a pocket where the outside world ceased to be meant they could take this time without fear that something would happen. Even Batman had agreed to the strict radio silence they demanded for the week.

And the atmosphere lent itself to even more of the corny jokes and shared smiles that were signature of their relationship. After the black ring, he'd needed light in his life, and Dick gave him that. That relentless exuberance kept him moving, and even the fastest teen in the world couldn't always keep up.

And they had tickets for the circus. Well, for Cirque, which wasn't quite the same, since it didn't have animals, or multiple rings. Bart made a mental note to find out when a good circus was touring nearby, if Dick didn't beat him to the punch. That thought made him smile again, as they stood in line for refreshments.

He looked forward to watching Dick as much as any of the performers, wondering just how much of the walk 'home' he'd end up doing on his hands or demonstrating flips. The jokes and the play-by-play of just how much better he would be. There were also the moments, like just now, when Dick stood on tiptoes to crane his neck over to the front of the line, and resembled as much of a giant kid as he had on the teacups and the carousel.

"You ever been the audience instead of the act?" Bart asked, his eyes glittering with the infectious joy Dick was exuding.


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